Bi-weekly Update #15 (2021/9/20~10/4)

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Highlights in the last development sprint

💻 Web

  • Web UI for v2
    All of the trader-facing functions for both desktop and mobile versions are done. 

🛢 Backend

  • Results Verification
    The smart contracts have been deployed on the testnet and we’ve verified that the on-chain data is the same as our internal calculation. 

  • Internal Arbitrageur Modification
    We’ve modified our internal arbitrageur to support v2.  

🤝 Partnership/Marketing

  • Limited-time Sale on MetaFactory
    We had a limited-time sale for a hoodie designed by our designer Amy Li on MetaFactory. Didn’t have a chance to buy it? We’ll launch our merch shop soon with more options for you to buy. 

  • Community Call #7
    We host community call #7 on 9/17 (Fri.), where we cover the latest partnership news and development of v2. You can watch the replay on our Youtube channel.

  • Proposal to partner with ShapeShift DAO
    Our BD member Lawrence has released a proposal to work with ShapeShift DAO on our forum, which could help us access their 180K monthly active users and over 500K registered users.

  • Gitcoin Hackathon Sponsorship
    We sponsored Gitcoin’s GR11 Hackathon with a grand prize of $10K and $5K for each runner-up (2nd and 3rd place). See the criteria to win the prizes here.

  • Start working with Bankless DAO
    We’ve started working with Bankless DAO to produce content to promote our protocol and educate people about perpetual contracts and how to use it.

To-dos in this development sprint

📑 Smart Contracts

  • Building and Researching V2 (🏁 finish line in sight!)
    ABDK, the auditor for Uniswap v3, is still auditing the code. But all of the bugs reported by Consensys Audit have been crashed. Code refactoring for the clearinghouse is still ongoing and the smart contract team is assisting the frontend and backend team to integrate with the smart contracts.
    In this sprint, we’ll start implementing a contract for liquidity mining for makers.  

🛢 Backend

  • Building Maker Bot
    Akin to the early days of Perpetual Protocol v1 when there were few traders, we’ll act as the liquidity provider (aka maker) when v2 launches to ensure a good trading experience. Once our partners like Charm, Teahouse, or Popsicle release the pools/vaults for our markets, we’ll gradually sunset our maker bot. 

  • Leaderboard for Testnet Trading Competition
    As we’re getting closer to release our v2, we’ll host a testnet trading competition to let people try it out and help us discover new bugs. In this sprint, we’ll work on the backend stuff for the competition, including an API to distribute test ETH and USDC and trader ranking indexer.

💻 Web

  • Leaderboard for Testnet Trading Competition
    Since we have enough (wo)manpower now, we’ll build a new leaderboard for the upcoming competition. Say bye-bye to the old leaderboard that we have used for all trading competitions before. 👋 

  • Maker UI
    In this sprint, we’ll work on the UI for makers, which is equivalent to the Pool tab on Uniswap’s website. 

  • Liquidity mining UI
    We’ll launch a liquidity mining campaign when v2 launches to encourage people to provide liquidity on the protocol. As such, we’ll build a UI to let users stake their LP NFT on the liquidity mining smart contract.

🤝 Partnership/Marketing

  • IRL events
    Our partners at are planning an event in London (UK) for later this month, so if you’re in the UK, stay tuned!

  • V2 Docs
    Documentation for v2 will be a key focus going forward and we look forward to your comments and suggestions!

  • V2 Swag
    We have some physical and digital items in the works that Perp fans will love, so keep your eyes peeled for that!