Bi-weekly Update #3 (2021/4/5~4/19)

Highlights in the last development sprint

📑 Smart Contracts

  • Chainlink xDai Price Feeds
    We began migrating to Chainlink’s price feeds on xDai, which is far faster and cheaper than Chainlink price feeds on Ethereum. We have almost completed the transition and all new trading pairs added are using xDai price fees 🚄

  • Referral Program
    Our developer team added the ability to pass referral codes, so we can start attracting more users via a referral system. More work will be done on the marketing side to get this rolling.

💻 Web

  • Staking UI 😀
    Our staking platform with a fancy UI from our in-house designer went live and so far it’s been a success! Expect more of this type of design to start appearing soon. If you haven’t already, check it out here.
    Before you stake - be sure to read the details in our Medium post!

🤝 Partnership/Marketing

  • Armor Finance
    We inked a deal to purchase $2.5M in protocol-level coverage from Armor Finance to project all users’ assets on Perpetual Protocol with no need to purchase insurance (link)

  • Launched PERP perpetual market
    We ran an Easter Egg hunt to celebrate the launch of the PERP/USDC pair (link). Start trading PERP on Perp now!

  • Mathwallet and WalletConnect support
    Mathwallet users can now stake PERP directly from the wallet (link). As well, WalletConnect support has been added to to expand wallet compatibility.

  • Community Call #3
    We held a 3rd community call to discuss some of the technical challenges we are working on, as well as protocol updates. If you missed it, here’s the video and Q&A summary.

To-dos in this development sprint

🎨 Design

  • Design overhaul
    We are working hard to make and more appealing on both desktop and mobile. Watch out for updates coming in the next few weeks!

  • Onboarding guide
    We are designing a visual how-to intro on to help first-time visitors get started trading faster on

📑 Smart Contracts

  • Multi-chain and Layer 2 research
    We feel that xDai is performing very well so far, but new chains and technologies also open the door for new markets and users. Perpetual Protocol is always keeping an eye on further scaling options. We will be researching and testing possible deployment on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) as well as Arbitrum.

  • Permissionless market creation design evaluation
    The ability for anyone to add trading pairs on Perpetual Protocol is a key part of our mid-term roadmap. We are currently evaluating designs for permissionless market creation design in partnership with Delphi Digital.

💻 Web

  • Native xDai UI
    Our current UI makes trades easy and gas-free, but at the expense of hardware wallet support. Our current top priority feature is a native xDai website that will bring full compatibility to Trezor and Ledgers and let hardware wallet users connect via Metamask.

  • Gas-free USDC deposits
    Gas-free trading is cool, sure, but we want to go one step further. Gas-free deposits! In the coming weeks users will be able to deposit USDC without paying any gas fees.

  • Multilingual UI
    Thanks to the help of translators from the community ❤️, we will be launching our trading interface in nearly a dozen languages in the next 2 weeks! We hope this will attract more users globally.

  • Mobile UI
    Expected out within a month or so, we are working to make mobile-friendly! This will allow people to trade perpetual contracts on the go from their favorite wallet app, such as Metamask Mobile, imToken or AlphaWallet.

🤝 Partnership/Marketing

  • Limit Orders
    The bounty team building the advanced order type interface (limits, stops, etc.) has begun a closed beta and it’s looking very good! Contracts are being audited now. Get excited for super fast and cheap limit order trades on xDai!

  • Launch UNI and CRV
    We currently plan to launch perpetual markets for UNI this week, and CRV next week.

New Publications

  • Save 90% on Gas Fees by Depositing from Binance (Medium)
    Did you know it’s possible to deposit USDC from Binance and trade on without ever paying a single cent in Ethereum gas fees? 🤯 Read the article to find out how!

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