Bi-weekly Update #7 (2021/5/31~6/14)

Highlights in the last development sprint

🎨 Design

  • Usability Testing 
    We have concluded the usability tests for our latest design overhaul and consolidated the feedback into action items. Thanks to everyone who participated in our interviews!

  • UI Improvements on
    We released some UI improvements on, including a toggle to easily switch between xDai Chain and Ethereum, and simplifying the node button in the header.    

💻 Web

  • Lite Mode for 
    If you find the existing UI on complicated, you can try out the lite version now on You can also host the UI locally or on your own server since it’s open-sourced.

  • Gas-free USDC deposits 
    MetaMask users can now deposit USDC without paying gas (when depositing more than 500 USDC). As for hardware wallet users, you can check this tutorial to save up to 90% on gas fees by depositing from a CEX. Or, if you’re familiar with xDai, you can send USDC to a non-hardware wallet address, deposit it, and send it back to your hardware wallet.

🤝 Partnership/Marketing

  • Launch CREAM
    We launched the CREAM perpetual market on May 17. A lucky draw willbe held June 9, and both Cream and Perpetual Protocol users will be eligible to win, so watch our Twitter for more!

  • APEX Limit Orders
    The team we partnered with to create a limit order system launched their open beta! There are several order types available, so check it out. See their docs, watch our quick intro video, or go directly to the exchange.

To-dos in this development sprint

🎨 Design

  • Referral Dashboard
    To help referrers make the most of our referral program, we’re developing a referral dashboard to show referral partners and referral traders some stats about their volume and rewards. 

📑 Smart Contracts

  • Reduce Cooldown Period to 7 Days
    After this upgrade, the cooldown period for stakers will reduce from 14 days to 7 days. As a reminder, this upgrade will not affect the existing cooldown, i.e., if you unstake before this upgrade, the cooldown period of that unstake action will still be 14 days.

  • Perpetual Protocol Command-line Tool Nonce Customization 
    You can now check the information of each market or an address, or even open positions with a customized gas price using our command-line tool. Currently, we’re working on letting users customize the nonce of a tx so that you can override an old tx when it takes too long to be validated.

💻 Web

  • Mobile Web UI (🚧 still work in progress!)
    Our mobile web interface is still WIP. For now, if you want to trade on Perpetual Protocol on the go, please use the lite mode or instead (note APEX uses Perpetual Protocol on the back-end, but positions will not show across and APEX.)

  • ROI Card Integration
    Want to show off your trading skills? Once this feature is implemented, you can share ROI cards for your trades on your favorite social networks.

🤝 Partnership/Marketing

  • PERPtogether (🏃‍♀️ Still running)
    Trade, stake and win—every week.
    1️⃣ Trade on and receive pPERP tokens;
    2️⃣ Stake pPERP at Pool Together (Make sure to set gas price to 1 Gwei);
    3️⃣ Win weekly prizes! 10 traders win $500 in PERP each.
    (pPERP and prizes are distributed every Tuesday)

  • Launch ALPHA and ZIL
    We will launch ALPHA and ZIL perpetual markets in this sprint. We will also be doing a marketing partnership with ZIL so keep an eye out for that!

  • Trading Competition Sponsored by Index Coop 
    We will host a trading competition with a prize pool of $25K on 6/2 (Wed.) at 14:00 UTC. The $25K prize pool consists of $15K in INDEX and $10K in PERP. Thanks to Index Coop for sponsoring this trading competition.

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