Bi-weekly Update #8 (2021/6/14~6/28)

Highlights in the last development sprint

📑 Smart Contracts

  • Reduce Cooldown Period to 7 Days
    The cooldown period for stakers is now 7 days!  As a reminder, as before, you stop earning staking rewards once you initiate the cooldown period.

  • Perpetual Protocol Command-line Tool Nonce Customization
    After this update, the functionalities of our command-line tool are almost complete - you can now check the information for a market or an address and open positions with customized gas price and nonce.

🤝 Partnership/Marketing

  • Launch ALPHA
    We launched ALPHA perpetual market on 6/3.

  • Trading Competition Sponsored by Index Coop
    We concluded our trading competition last week with 71 traders who generated over $51M of trading volume in a week. Thanks for everyone’s participation, and also thanks to Index Coop for making this event possible.

To-dos in this development sprint

🎨 Design

  • Referral Dashboard (🚧 still work in progress!)
    To help referrers make the most of our referral program, we’re developing a referral dashboard to show referral partners and referral traders key stats about their volume and rewards. There’s also a rumor that a prominent community member is building a custom dashboard too...

📑 Smart Contracts

  • Perpetual Protocol Command-line Tool Private Key Support
    Currently, our open-source command-line tool only supports mnemonic phrases, aka seed phrases, to access your wallet. As the last functionality for this tool, we’re adding support for private key import.   

💻 Web

  • Mobile Web UI (🚧 still work in progress!)
    Our mobile web interface is still WIP. For now, if you want to trade on Perpetual Protocol on the go, please use the lite mode or instead (note APEX uses Perpetual Protocol on the back-end, but positions will not show across and APEX.)

  • ROI Card Integration (🏁 finish line in sight!)
    Want to show off your trading skills? Once this feature is implemented, you can share ROI cards for your trades on your favorite social networks.

🤝 Partnership/Marketing

  • PERPtogether (🏃‍♀️last week!)
    Trade, stake and win—every week.
    1️⃣ Trade on and receive pPERP tokens;
    2️⃣ Stake pPERP at Pool Together (Make sure to set gas price to 1 Gwei);
    3️⃣ Win weekly prizes! 10 traders win $500 in PERP each.
    PERPtogether will take a break after this week for a performance review. If you love PERPtogether or have suggestions/criticisms, please let us know!

  • Launch FTT
    We will launch FTT perpetual market this week along with a joint marketing campaign with FTX.

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