Bi-weekly Update #9 (2021/6/28~7/12)

We just announced our plan for the upcoming v2 update! Check the announcement here

Highlights in the last development sprint

🎨 Design

  • Referral Dashboard
    The design for the referral dashboard is done. The bounty has been claimed and development is ongoing.

  • Redesign for
    We’ve released the new UI for For newcomers, we have built a Learn section on the site, where you can learn more about DeFi or crypto in general.

💻 Web

  • ROI Card Integration
    Now you’ll be greeted with an ROI card once you completely close your position. Pro tip: try to reduce the margin of your position before closing it and see what will happen. 😉

🤝 Partnership/Marketing

  • Launch FTT 
    We launched the FTT perpetual market on 6/18 along with a launch campaign. The live draw for the campaign was held on June 29 (Tue) at 10AM UTC+8. Make sure to check if you won!

  • Conclusion of PerpTogether
    We concluded the PerpTogether campaign on 6/22. If you’ve joined this campaign before, it’s a great time to check the balance of your address on Blockscout in case you won a prize without knowing.

  • Interview with DeFi Slate
    We sat down with DeFi Slate to talk about the latest market conditions, regulatory environment, the problems we aim to solve with our v2 update, and much more. Watch the interview here

To-dos in this development sprint

📑 Smart Contracts

  • Perpetual Protocol Command-line Tool Private Key Support (🚧 still work in progress!)
    Currently, our open-source command-line tool only supports mnemonic phrases, aka seed phrases, to access your wallet. As the last functionality for this tool, we’re adding support for private key import.   

📑 Backend

  • Arbitrageur Bot Upgrade
    We heard your complaints. The current Arbitrageur Bot opens positions on both FTX and Perpetual Protocol simultaneously. We’ll change the process to open a position on Perpetual Protocol first then open another one on FTX to increase your arbitrage success rate.

💻 Web

  • Mobile Web UI (🚧 still work in progress!)
    Progress is being made! 🔜 For now, if you want to trade on Perpetual Protocol on the go, please use the lite mode or instead (note APEX uses Perpetual Protocol on the back-end, but positions will not show across and APEX.)

🤝 Partnership/Marketing